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Clinically tested and proven, Trim-X

is the new beginning to your weight loss success.

Trim-X can help you.

Are you having a hard time controlling your appetite?
Are you frustrated and tired of diet programs that give no significant results?
Are you regaining weight after your previous diet program?
Are you concerned about the side affects of diet products?



Product type: Weight Loss Supplement (180 Tablets per Box)

Trim-X is an innovative, comprehensive, and effective diet product that leads to weight loss through the working synthesis of controlled leptin levels and activity in adipose (fat) cells. The results consists of but are not limited to appetite suppression, breakdown and disintegration of accumulated fats, weight loss influenced by increased serotonin levels which prevent excess eating, increase of energy expenditure, and regulation of cholesterol and sugar level.

  • Natural decrease in appetite
  • Weight Loss
  • Increase of fat metabolism
  • Decrease of BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Decrease of TriglyceridesIncrease of Serum Serotonin Level
  • Decrease of Serum Leptin Level
  • Lower LDL (Bad Cholesterol) Level
  • Increase HDL (Good Cholesterol) Level

  • Made with all natural and effective ingredients, Trim-X is recognized and supported by clinically researched data.
  • Trim-X is carefully composed to promote weight loss without side effects such as nutritional deficiency, insomnia, heart palpitation, or nervousness.
  • Trim-X is a distinguished product that works naturally by decreasing food intake through balancing and controlling hormone levels, Serotonin and Leptin, associated with body fat activity in the body. It leads to natural weight loss with decreased food intake and satisfaction that continues even after the diet program.
  • Results may vary depending on the amount of accumulated fat. However, according to clinical studies, satisfactory results can be observed within 8 weeks of Trim-X administration.

Obesity develops due to an imbalance in the calorie intake and consumption.  Measurement tools in general cannot be perfect due to potential differences in the fat and muscle ratio from one individual to another. However, the BMI (Body Mass Index) measurement index serves as a valid tool for evaluating obesity.

BMI Measurement Method

Formula and Calculation
Kg / m

weight (kg) / height [ (m) ]

example :  weight = 68 kg, height = 165 cm (1.65 m)

calculation: 68 X (1.65)  = 24.98

lb / inch

weight (lb) / height [ (in) ]   

example:  weight = 150 lbs, height= 5’5” (65")

calculation: [150 X (65)  ] x 703 = 24.96

The chart above serves as a useful guide for BMI measurements.  In general, 19-23 is assessed as

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