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RA-H: The Key to Anti-aging Process

“The Secret of Staying Young”

New RA-H is the anti-aging formula that helps to regenerate cells and delays the aging process. New RA-H helps to naturally produce Growth Hormone by synergy effect of Amino Acid and natural growth factor. According to a research, growth hormone controls 14.4% of metablosim including Protein, Electrolyte, Carbohydrate, and Fat. Also it repairs damaged cells, and increases immune system to control aging and increases metabolic function about 15% higher. The latest clinical research approves that implanting or inducing growth hormone according to the age has excellent effects on reducing and preventing aging process. 

  • Deep, Refreshing Sleep
  • Disappearance of Wrinkles
  • Enhanced Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Body Fat Loss
  • Improved Sexual Performance



New RA-H uses the action of Growth Hormone being active during night time and IGF-1 being active during the daytime and maximizes a bio-feed back mechanism to ensure regeneration of cells and preventing aging process. The growth hormone is released from pituitary gland and reaches at its highest secretion after 90minutes of sleep when alpha brainwaves appear. When Growth hormone releases liver releases IGF-1. IGF-1 circulates through blood, healing damaged cells and regenerating bones, muscles, blood vessels and nerves. The biotechnology of ingredients that helps releasing growth hormone and growth factor(IGF-1) is the main function of New RA-H.


New RA-H gives natural glow to men and women. Infant's skin tissues hold about 90% water, which makes the skin soft and smooth. But after the developing stages, typical adult's skin tissues hold about 68% and 40% for seniors. New RA-H , using the proper dosage, will provide additional 60-70% hydration back to skin by releasing growth hormone resulted in cell regeneration and raised protein metabolism. This hydration causes softer, smoother and supple skin. Furthermore, New RA-H may increase the firmness of skin, clear the fine lines, and most importantly, you will look 10-20 years younger!


The following is a medical report derived from the joint research done by Dr. Leon Cass Terry M.D. of University of Wisconsin and Dr. Edmund Chein of Life Extension Institute over six months of Growth Hormone Treatment:


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